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Mazandaran | Iran


Head Architect: Maziar Dolatabadi
Lead Architect: Deniz Ebrahimi Azar
Architect In Charge: Reza Valinejad
Interior designer & Rendering: Donya Yousefi, Saeid Sadeghian Drawing: Reza Valinejad, Sona Taghipour, Hadiis karimi
Model: Fatemeh Miri, Aria Rahimi Nejad
The subject of this project is the design of a sports and recreation complex on a land with an area of 3877 square meters. This site is located in Sarvestan town in Royan region. Due to the expansion of the town and the needs of its residents, the decision was made to design such a space by the client.
The sub urban villa has a gable roof and the use of materials such as brick. The design team considered this structure as a starting point for their design, based on their studies on the 9 square arche-type.
Initially, due to the fact that one of the main axes in this site was the axis of its desirable perspectives, the stain of the project construction was rotated towards this axis and was placed in its direction.
Then, the initial rigid volume was cut according to the winds of the region for proper ventilation, and these cuts became the basis for the formation of the whole project.
One of the sections, which was in the south-north direction, made it possible for the complex pool to be placed in it, and the reason for this placement was to create relative privacy for the use of all the residents of the town and the favorable light from the south.
This technique was then used to create an integrated motion circulation so that the cuts occurred this time on the volume view surfaces, and finally this motion circulation connects the two main volumes of the project to each other through a bridge at one point. This dynamic circulation is in fact a reference to the typology of the houses in that region and the corridor in these houses.
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