MADO Studio design in the left-right project, using “LANDART”, which tries to connect the village to the lake with a technique reminiscent of a familiar symbol in indigenous art, which is “left-right”.

Architectural design in some regions with indigenous culture and lifestyle, is a challenge and is like acrobatic moves on a narrow rope. The project was defined as the design of a bazaar for local vendors, most of whom are indigenous girls selling their handicrafts, and the reason for defining the

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Reading the typology of the houses with studies of its past species and its relation as a component to the city and climate, as an extroverted object by MADO Studio

MADO Studio, founded by Maziar Dolatabadi, incorporates context, climate, history and culture in its design and, based on studies, tries to design the project by responding accurately to the challenges. The typology of a house is read by studying and understanding the context, its past type and its relation as

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MADO studio establish a recreational/commercial hub in Noor city

Noor commercial project is located on a 790-square-meter land near the main road of Noor city between the sea and the SiSangan jungle. Considering the accessibility and landscape the land has special situation. The client according to the conversations he had with Maziar Dolatabadi request was to establish a recreational/commercial

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