Design of maximum use and balanced distribution of green space in the whole house using the archetype of Persian gardens (9 square)


Axis Architecture Studio was established by Maziar Dolatabadi in 1998 in Tehran and started its activities in the field of construction. In 2017, the name of this studio was changed to “MADO”. During its years of operation, MADO Studio has designed and implemented different projects with various applications. The studio incorporates the context, climate, history and culture into its design and, based on studies, tries to design the project by responding accurately to challenges. In addition to creativity and quality, MADO knows the needs and limitations of its clients well and applies all its facilities to meet these needs.


The Rock Spring project in Nevada, USA, was defined on a plot of land measuring (8975m2).The challenge that the design team faced in this project was the REGIONAL CONSTRUCTION RULES, the design criteria of the house in another country WITH a different culture with different standards. In addition, the client wants to design a house that can compete in the real estate construction business and upgrade regional standards.

Due to the ratio of construction area to the whole land, the strategy of the design team is to make maximum use and balanced distribution of green space throughout the house. The archetype of the Iranian garden (9 square) and how they are connected to the garden was presented as the initial scheme.


Due the different character each side of the pavilion was expanded as much as MADO Studio was allowed within the construction area, and the central space of the pavilions in this project became the main living space with a double height, and each of these 9 square facets use maximum potential according to their function, in terms of proportionality and directional change.

And then on the upper floor, MADO Studio used sloping roofs that are similar to the typology of town houses to create something familiar. The choice of material in this project is the result of the dialectic of the new and the old. Concrete material as a modern material and brick material as a familiar material of the town.