Reading the typology of the houses with studies of its past species and its relation as a component to the city and climate, as an extroverted object by MADO Studio

MADO Studio, founded by Maziar Dolatabadi, incorporates context, climate, history and culture in its design and, based on studies, tries to design the project by responding accurately to the challenges.
The typology of a house is read by studying and understanding the context, its past type and its relation as a component to the city and climate. It resembles an extroverted object like a collage of various elements. Now the question is how can a villa make a dialogue with its former type? In a contemporary project, can the relationships of spaces be redesigned to interact with their past? Among the existing classical structures in architecture, many studies have been done on the geometric of nine squares. An excuse was given to MADO Studio to practice and introduce this Arche The subject of this project is designing a villa on a ​​700 square meters land. This site is located in Sikas Complex, in Sisangan region, which has neighbors from north and south and is adjacent to paddy fields from the west.
In the first step, MADO Studio define the strategy of design and in the organizational stage, introduce it separately in two public and three private spaces with independent facilities. The public space of the project is divided into two parts with two levels and the private space includes three cottage-like suites which cut to the surrounding landscape.
They are located on two levels and at a distance from each other, separately and independently. The project is detached from the ground so the land beneath the building is allocated to a pool with a party room like an island in the middle. By separating the public space from the private units, a yard is created in between. In this stage, the strategy of the project is defined. Functional elements and components such as access, structure and other facilities are exposed. By overlapping the layers of program and elements, the project’s circulation is formed as well. The distances in the project comes from the problems that MADO Studio have with the abutting lands, from north and south. By this MADO Studio have also answer the light and humidity issues as well as creating privacy. In fact, in this project, with the idea of ​​separating and solving the functional layers, MADO Studio has tried to present a new structure for the common typology of a villa.