Mado Studio is concerned about issue of privacy in Kelardasht villa project

MADO Studio started his activities in the field of construction in 2017 Managed by Maziar Dolatabadi, started Design Kelardasht in 2018. Designed in a sharply inclined hillside in Kelardasht, a village in the north of Iran. One of the primary client’s demands was the privacy issue, and due to the way the neighbors built, MADO Studio decided to put the building on the upper part of the plot to preserve villa from surrounding predomination. this also provides more sustainable condition and reduces the cost of building.
After that MADO Studio justified the roof with the street level and you enter the villa from the roof. other design elements like the sloping roof and the chimney added in an abstract way in order not to interfere in the landscape, celebrate privacy, provide unique views from inside and also being generous and humble to the environment.