Develop the classic structure with a new expression of the past architecture by MADO Studio

MADO Studio started his activities in the field of construction in 2017 Managed by Maziar Dolatabadi, started Design Zarafshan villa in 2019. In this project, the client requested a neo-classic building with four separate sections. decided to match the client’s need with his characteristic type and develop the classic structure with a new expression of the past architecture. By studying the past architecture, Calibri Light, sans-serif, attempted to establish a symbiosis between past and present through a representation of Chahar-Bagh by emphasizing the main axis of the Chahar-Bagh, MADO Studio created a void between the building that allowed light and landscape into it which connected the ground to the sky. The voids are defined from the roof to the lower part of the building continuously.
connecting north to south, east to west and top to bottom of the project. The villa has two floors above the ground level and two floors below it. The lower levels are dedicated to the facilities, sports and social program and the upper ones are to the public and private residential program. The spatial arrangement of the Zarafshan villa around orthogonal views taken from the axis of the Persian garden, emphasizing the four divisions and their extension into the courtyard, connects the courtyard to the building and connects the interior and exterior using empty spaces.