Mado studio design Sisangan Villa that is a gorgeous residence sheathed by concrete slabs and the surrounding landscape

The site has an awesome power due to the natural features. at the first time when MADO Studio (Under the supervision of  Maziar Dolatabadi ) wanted to begin to design, MADO Studio recognized that the purity of it is enough to create an atmosphere to meditate therefore, MADO Studio sensed that making too much altering would distort the unique purity of it MADO Studio focused on these factors, and try to
By detaching the square’s sides from their intersection and rotating them, in addition to create the interior space of the villa, the light and surrounding nature are also involved in the project. In this way, the connection between inside and out has been reinforced. In addition, in east-west axis enclosure has also provided.
imagine a place to provide all these elements at the same time and try to touch people’s soul. MADO Studio figured out by digging our space in the nature and exactly under the chapel, MADO Studio can reach this goal and be respectful to the context of the site which also induce sense of holiness itself.