MADO Studio has designed Alanya Vertical Villas, a multi-unit house located in one of the most beautiful areas of Alanya

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Alanya, the Vertical Village project has been planned to be a residential complex. The site has a unique view of a green mountain range around and marvelous coastline further. Surrounded by typical residential blocks, MADO Studio thought about a different kind of combination of individual units, noticing social interaction and the atmosphere created by. The very first drafts were to generate a coherent form, moving along the slope and turning toward various views around the site.

On the other hand, studying the morphology of residential blocks in Alanya, led MADO Studio usto consider the sloping roof as a substantial item. As a result, the developing of the form was a combination of sloping roofs, extended all over the floors and cubic floors attached.

In this case, every unit has a sense of owning a unique individual roof.

This combination also provides the whole complex with particular common areas to encourage social interactions. After all, the whole complex represents a combination of various kinds of villas, working all together in a coherent composition.