Design a flexible space that the end users could organize it all by themselves by MADO Studio in Tehran

The 13Chenar residential project referred to us when the construction process was suspended due to the client dissatisfaction. The building was designed by bubble deck system which liberates the interior from structural elements and moved them toward the edges of slabs.
They just finished the fourth slab when they asked us to revise their project. MADO Studio refused to design just a simple facade and proposed a serious set of changes both in architecture and facade. Because of the imposed structural system limitation in making hollows, MADO Studio decided to focus on the edges of the building and define a hierarchy from outside in. In order to do so, MADO Studio (under the management of Maziar Dolatabadi) designed all the unit’s requirements in the space between the core and the shear walls and considered the legal console area as a different kind of space.
So, MADO Studio applied our layer concept to this added area. The layer concept consists of curtain wall, vault abstraction, window and shear wall respectively from outside in. All of those elements are placed on the 1.5 m depth consoled slab. This led us to a flexible space that the end user could organize it all by himself. After that, MADO Studio rearrange the interior and attune it with the new facade. Consequently, MADO Studio had to change the whole mechanical system in order to work with the new architecture plan. So the residents can use the ring around their unit independently and have their privacy at the same time. The result is a 3D dynamic facade that provides in between spaces, instead of a 2D flat typical one.
MADO Studio believe that this kind of spaces that were eliminated from our houses decrease the satisfaction rate of our homes and by refunding these kinds of spaces to people MADO Studio can easily reinforce their connection with nature and their own homes. This ring embraces the building periphery and gives every unit a distinctive characteristic. It also expands through inside the house spaces sometimes and enriches the quality of the facade. Subsequently, MADO Studio designed a building that the residents themselves and their lives are the elements of dynamism in facade and respecting their privacy simultaneously.