Architecture is more than bricks, it is about making difference in people lives and community. We work with our clients to design projects that are inspirational, economically viable, environmentally and socially responsible





At MADO Architects Studio, we as a team have tried to introduce new types by practicing on basic layers of architecture and recognizing the existing structures we encounter. During comprehensive and physical studies, we as MADO Architects raise the issue of the project and then, by recognizing the hidden layers, we have applied an approach to respond to them. In this way, we sometimes choose a coherent and in some other cases critical approach to anti-social, political actions and inefficient presuppositions of the context. 

MADO also seeks to bring together a professional network of architects, clients, and contractors, to have constructive dialogue and impressive interaction with them while being committed to architectural discipline. In this regard, changing the rigid structures of the mind, creating awareness and raising the level of general knowledge about the contemporary art and era is one of the significant values of the group.

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We are Mado Studio, a team of professionals providing complete architectural and planning services for residential, single family to commercial and industrial.

We have over 24 years of experience in providing a successful combination of design, technical, and management services in site feasibility, concept design and design development.

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When we take on a new project, we consider what it is and what it could be, so we can design the right structure for the right space. And we’ve been doing it for over 24 years.


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